Sunday, 8 June 2014

Impact of Microsoft on our lives


Technologies rule the world.  Every single company was created with an intention to impact the lives of other people! This blog is all about the impact created by Microsoft on our lives and my interests to be a Microsoft Student Associate to bring about a change in my society.

How Microsoft has impacted my life ?

Windows 2000 - My first OS

I can remember Microsoft since my childhood.  I have first seen a computer in my computer laboratory during my school days.  The first system I used has the operating system 'Windows 2000'. I felt really enthusiastic working with computers and learned things quite faster, thanks to the simplicity of Microsoft features, which even enable children to learn computers.  I learned mouse control by drawing with the help of Microsoft Paint!!!

Then, gradually started gaining knowledge on some impressive Microsoft features such as MS Word text processor, MS Excel spreadsheet, MS PowerPoint presentations, MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook Express and so on.  The beauty of Microsoft software is the fact that they create a perfect working environment!

As I grow, I have seen Microsoft updating to newer versions with fantastic Operating Systems such Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8! All of them were user-friendly and they of course change the user experience completely.

Generation of Microsoft 
Microsoft is a complete package.  It provides all the necessary tools required by any kind of professional at work and student at learning.  From childhood, I am fond of websites and interested to learn web designing.  It is a boon to have software such as 'Microsoft Visual Studio' and 'Microsoft Expression Web' which always help in designing interactive sites.  Of course as a student, I have downloaded these free from 'Microsoft Dreamspark'.

I am always passionate towards Microsoft products.  As a student volunteer, I have organized 2 white talks [An initiative that includes seminar on any of the latest technologies every week, to upgrade the knowledge of students], where my friends took sessions on 'Windows 8.1 update' and 'Office 365'.  Both the events, were really successful and ultimately improved the knowledge of students.

I was gifted to attend 'Microsoft Boot Camp' during the event Kaizen 2.0 happened at College of Engineering, Munnar.  There, I got to learn about building Windows apps from the event.  Microsoft pitcrew have provided assistance even after the event, and it is really awesome to develop apps for Windows 8.

How I plan to bring a change being a Microsoft Student Associate ?

I love technologies to the core and I always make my best efforts to learn and share them with my friends.  As a Student Associate of Microsoft, I will play a role in updating my fellow mates with the applications of different Microsoft products and motivate to attain mastery.  

I am active at social media and have great interest towards organizing events that would help the students update their knowledge.  Felt awesome by attending Microsoft events. MSA program is an immense opportunity to bring those events to my campus for my community.  

I feel this program will help me to improve my network of friends which will mutually help in sharing and hearing ideas.  Interaction and communication will always help us to learn better!  

Being a Microsoft Student Associate is a wonderful opportunity for me to do things that matter and I am sure that I will do my max efforts to impact my community.  

I would like to finish my blog with a wise statement by an inspirational leader.

The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.    ~ BILL GATES

Let's make that true advancement of technologies! 

Thanks for reading.